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Thread: running fsck manually and block descriptor problem

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    running fsck manually and block descriptor problem

    Hi ! I dual booted windows 10 and kali linux 2017.1 on ufei mode . It works for first 2-3 boots and then when i tried to boot kali linux again i got following error :
    kali :Note :if several inode or block bitmap blocks or part
    of the inode table require relalocation, you may wish to try

    running e2fsck with the 'b- 32768 'option first. The problem
    may lie only with the primary block group descriptors, an
    the backup block group descriptors mag be OK.

    kali : Block bitmap fop group 64 ls not in group. (block 1162627398)
    (i.e., without -a or -p options)
    fsck exited with status code 4
    The root filesystem on /dev/sda7 requires a manual fsck

    Busybox v1.22.1 (debian 1:1:22:0 19+b2) built in shell (ash)
    Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.
    Note that both systems are in ufei mode
    My machine is lenovo z50-70 /i5-4210
    Boot flag was off while installing kali linux
    Partition used for kali was shrinked volume of partiton other than windows os partition
    Size of kali linux partition was 30gb
    It is boot time error
    How to solve this problem
    Plzz help !!!thaank you

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    I have similar problem. please help

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