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Thread: kali rolling upgrading safe?

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    kali rolling upgrading safe?

    I'm currently dual booting win7 and Kali 2016 (I think I'm on 2016.2)
    System is rock solid stable, I stared with Kali 2016, then did rolling upgrades, all was fine. But I haven't upgraded in over 6 months. Curious if its 100% safe to do rolling upgrade to kali 2017? I mean, worst case scenario, my Kali doesn't work that's okay, but is there a chance it will mess up my grub2 and ability to get to win7?

    Just curious before I try it, don't wanna risk losing windows, If I gotta risk it, i'll just take hte time and wipe my whole laptop (thinking of swtiching to UEFI anyways so I can triple boot win 10)

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    If you're so worried, do a full disk backup using Clonezilla.

    There is no reason it would break your system. And if it breaks, either roll back to your backup or run the Windows disk to repair the bootloader (can also be done with a linux cd).

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    Agree with Mister_X on Clonezilla...I use it before a major Kali update, or any time I feel paranoid about an upgrade

    I've occasionally had problems with upgrades, so it's better to be safe than sorry.

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