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Thread: Packet Injection/Monitoring with Netgear A6100 usb wifi adapter

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    Packet Injection/Monitoring with Netgear A6100 usb wifi adapter

    I'd like to know if the Netgear A6100 wifi adapter is capable of packet injections/monitoring mode?
    If so, is ettercap/aircrack compatible with it's RTL8811AU chipset?

    Also if it's not, which small (antennaless is perfect no mater the size) wifi adapter would you recommend for this kind of use ? I know there is a lot of threads on this subject here but none mentioning a discret/small one.

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    If this specific card is not listed in the compatibility threads here, I'd check the aircrack-ng forums.

    I've not used an antenna-less wi-fi card, but my personal rule is if the chipset is stated to be compatible, you should be good. All the same, before buying, I'd check the return policy of your chosen store

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