so I'm having problems with my mac address on wlan0. Connected to wifi -> everything is ok, but as soon as I disconnect, my mac address changes to a random one. This is also the same when I "ifconfig wlan0 up" my network card. What's weird: I click the button to connect to my network -> authentication process is started with the wrong mac address -> authentication aborted by my system (not by acces point, since I don't have a mac filter) -> mac address is changed to normal -> authentication started with the normal mac address -> conncted to wifi. I noticed it because there are many mac addresses listed on the config panel of my acces point but no IP address was assigned. So I reinstalled my kali, apt-"got" the latest and gratest updates, uninstalled and reinstalled macchanger, tried my best with "ifconfig hw ether ", tried to configure the /etc/network/interfaces, searched for some nasty script (obviously didn't find one), but my mac keeps changing. Well, I searched the internet and now I know how throat singing works but I didn't find anything that helped me with my problem. :-/


- Kali Linux 2017.1 , 64 bit
- Gnome Version 3.22.2
- (+ Atom Code Editor, Arduino IDE, GQRX
- Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop
- Network Controller: Intel Corporation Centrio Wireless-N (rev c4)

Would be cool if you could help me