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Thread: unlock raspberry 3 luks from network (wifi and LAN)

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    unlock raspberry 3 luks from network (wifi and LAN)

    Hello, i try to configure a kali linux on a raspberry 3 to make the luks encrypted rootfs unlockable first from LAN, then from a wifi network hosted by the RPi 3.
    I already generated an initramfs which can connect to a network using simonschiele's github repo (, the default scripts in the repo aren't working on arm, I edited them to work on my RPi, it connects to the network, but the dropbear denies the authentication with 'Permission Denied (publickey)', i tried to to configure dropbear to allow password auth, which would be more practical in my case, but changes in the /etc/dropbear/config have no effect to dropbear, and in the command line options, password auth is allowed.

    github :

    An overview of the project:

    creating encrypted rootfs
    connecting to a network via LAN
    hostapd working in the initramfs
    connect over telnet, run the /srcipts/local-bottom/cryptroot hook, enter the password and pkill askpass
    boot via the method above
    find a ssh server instead of dropbear/socat for this and 'port' it for initramfs usage
    make a script that automatically generates one checksum for the /boot partition and writes it to a one time writable tape, to make an integrity check if needed

    Thanks for any type of help !
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