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Thread: Raspberry 3 + Latest Kali - Airodump-ng issues

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    Mine is version 1.6.1-0kali1?
    Installed it with apt-get install.

    even wifite is not working properly, giving some error
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    Edit: I'm quite sure you can't install fluxion from apt. You can always clone from here.
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    Hey there, are you sure that you used apt-get install fluxion ? What is your source.list.
    I suppose its not available to install through apt repostiory


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    I too am having this issue. Ap clients do not show up, I can deauth devices but cannot capture a handshake. I'm using the panda pau09 which is also Realtek chipset. I've tried installing parrotsec os to see if it was an issue with the kali arm image but still have the same problem.

    Sounds like it could be a Realtek arm driver issue. I'll try installing the driver from the included cd and report back results.

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    Updated to re4sons latest kernel and handshakes are now being captured

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    Quote Originally Posted by e0xbr View Post
    I have a issue with Raspberry Pi 3 + latest Kali linux version while using airodump-ng.
    Currently I have a USB dongle model Ralink Technology, Corp. RT2870/RT3070 attached in.

    Everything works great, monitor mode, I can also list all networks around me but using airodump-ng wlan1mon all wireless clients are set as "(not associated)", even if they are in fact connected.
    Same problem with a Pi (b) and RT2870/RT3070 USB dongle.

    I used the same dongle in a machine with the latest AMD64 Kali and it worked fine.

    I setup a test to confirm the problem.

    1. I set up an AP and used an Android client to connect to the AP and then to disconnect and connect to another AP, and then back and forth, so I am repeatedly sending the handshake
    2. In the AMD64 machine the client is correctly associated with the AP and the handshake is captured.
    3. In the ARM machine the client is not associated with the AP and the handshake is not captured.
    4. In both machines a DEAUTH attack would cause the clients to disconnect and reconnect but only the AMD64 would capture packets containing the handshakes.

    Done hours of searching and others have confirmed the same problem, those who solved it did so by upgrading their Kernel.

    I am trying to upgrade my kernel on the Pi to a later version by cross-compiling on my AMD64 Kali and creating a new image.

    Problem I have is that the latest version is rpi-4.9 but the Kali Arm build scripts only have config files for up to version rpi-4.4.

    When I attempt to change the config files to install the rpi-4.9 kernel the build script prompts me for a thousand, I kid you not, bleeding [NEW] config options, it would have taken all day to answer the questions about every piece of hardware ever manufactured.

    Anyone know how to change the build scripts so it doesn't ask for this information ?
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    OK I can confirm that with a clean Raspbian image which installs Linux 4.9.41 on the same Pi solved the problem

    I cant find anyway to upgrade the Kali Linux on the Pi to Linux 4.9 and the Raspbian image works and takes minutes to install.

    Solution to problem.

    Download image from here

    Copy image to Pi SD card and boot into X, open a terminal and;

    sudo apt-get install wifite
    sudo wifite

    I used Wifite to test airodump-ng as it is the quickest way to test whether Airodump-ng correctly associates clients with APs and captures handshakes

    The Pi is much much quicker with Raspbian Linux than Kali Linux and it only installs packages you need on the Pi.
    Would be nice to see a proper headless image for Kali for the Pi. Set up to probe for vulnerabilities and then pass any hashcat stuff to a powerful PC or the Amazon OpenCL cloud.

    I wouldn't mind helping to test images before they go live, I really like the default Kali desktop

    Going to use Kali on my main PC for solving hashes and Raspbian on the Pi to capture and inject packets. If I can find a way to make the Kali use the latest version of Linux instead of the rolling version then I will post how, I figure if I use the config files from Raspbian then it should work.
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    OK I figured out how to do this in the absence of kali config file for the 4.9 kernel

    Download the latest Raspberry Linux 4.9 source code and headers from github.

    Download the Kali 4.9 wifi patch file from the Kali Arm Build scripts called kali-wifi-injection-4.9.patch

    Follow the instruction on the Raspberry site for patching your kernel and apply the have to test it with the dry run option and adjust the levels it strips from the file location until it finds the patch. If you look at the patch itself the top line is where it expects to find the files it is going to patch.

    Follow the cross-compiling how to on the Raspberry site and compile the kernel and save the image to your SD card.

    If you want to Kalify the Linux then make the alterations listed in the file found in the custom Kali build scripts to the files on the SD card.

    When you boot for the first time, it takes a while, I thought it was a dud image at first, run raspi-config and enable ssh.

    I tested this with aircrack-ng airodump-ng aireplay-ng airmon-ng reaver and wifite.

    I recovered the WPA password and WPS pin from my test router.
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