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Thread: problem when i recompile the kernel to install the wireless card driver

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    Exclamation problem when i recompile the kernel to install the wireless card driver


    i have a problem with the kali source 4.9.0.

    i followed the tutorial of the official website of kali

    i want to install the driver of intel because my wireless card doesn't work in this os .. ( it doesn't detect )

    in the command line it show: no wireless extensions

    i'm using the Intel Ethernet Controller 82540 EM

    when i go to the folder of the intel driver and i put make install in the terminal it show:

    - kernel headers files not in any of the expected locations

    -install the appropriate kernel development package

    -kernel-devel for building kernel-modules and try again . stop

    the linux headers are installed and the system are updated

    what am i missing here?

    thanks a lot
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