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Thread: autologin console mode

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    autologin console mode

    Hello, I'm from Russia, I'm sorry for my English, I use Google translator. I need to enable autologation in console mode. in the graphical mode, autologation occurs normally. I always go by SSH and if it does not login it does not connect to wifi, I have to connect the monitor and keyboard to connect to the network.

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    To enable autologin you need to change some configuration options. First, in your terminal, run:
    nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
    Remove the tabs in front of the following lines:
    pam-autologin-service = PAM service to use for autologin
    Make sure the autologin part looks as it does in the screenshot below.

    Save and exit with Control X, then type:
    nano /etc/pam.d/lightdm-autologin
    And you'll need to change this, starting on line 11:
    # Allow access without authentication
    auth required user != root quiet_success
    auth required
    To this:
    # Allow access without authentication
    ###auth required user != root quiet_success
    auth required
    Save and close nano. You should now be configured for autologin. Reboot to see if the autologin feature works. It works for me.

    Greetings from Poland brother!
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