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Thread: Unable to boot Kali Linux 2017.1 on ASUS Vivobook Pro

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    Unable to boot Kali Linux 2017.1 on ASUS Vivobook Pro

    Dear Community

    I'm trying to boot a live usb stick of Kali 2017.1 on a ASUS Vivobook Pro (N522VX)
    I remember that the 2016.x versions always worked on my notebook.

    Kali version (KDE/GNOME, Arhitecture) Kali 64 bit /32bit 2017.1
    Kali installation (VM, HDD, USB) USB Live (3.0 as well as 2.0)
    Basic output of commands (ifconfig, iwconfig, lspci, lsusb, dmesg, etc.) *will try to boot in failsafe mode and copy these outputs*

    Tried Boot options:

    • Live, normal: Either a problem with initramfs or "start job for live-config is running" (forever)
    • Live, Fail-Safe: WORKS. (at least sometimes)
    • Live, Forensic: initramfs error or start job for live-config
    • Live, Persistence (with and without encryption): initramfs error

    The USB's tried were:

    • a cheap giveaway usb 2.0 , slow
    • sandisk 3.0 usb

    USB's were made with

    • LiLi USB Creator
    • Win32DiskImager

    Other Tries made:

    • Booting a 32bit Version of Kali - no changes
    • Plugged in USB Stick in 2.0 Port - no changes
    • Upgraded / Downgraded BIOS and Chipset Drivers - no changes

    At that point, I'm very desperate
    Is there anything I can still try?

    Thanks for your time.

    edit will try to boot in failsafe and post these outputs.

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    I attached the logs, as I'm limited to 10'000 characters here. There's an interesting entry in dmesg....

    Thanks for your support.

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    Sorry If I'm posting and adding all the time, but while waiting I'm trying some options on my own.
    Today I managed to boot the normal live mode (playing with grub parameters)

    As soon I'm removing nomodeset, it begins hanging (live-config is running...)

    Is nomodeset important in any way? Does it decrease the system performance?
    Can I get rid of this workaround? Installing graphic card drivers?

    Kind regards

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