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Thread: Kali Nethunter on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 [n5110]

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    Kali Nethunter on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 [n5110]

    Hi everyone!

    I'd like to install the above ROM to my device over Lineage OS 14.1 (https:// I already did this on my Oneplus One over Lineage OS 14.1 nightly (https:// by building it from the official git page (https://, I only needed the proper kernel for it (https:// and btw now it works fine. But currently I can't find any kernel for the Note 8 [n5110] nougat version so I'd like to ask for help how to build it or where to find it.

    Any help is greatly appriciated. Thanks!

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    There's no modified kernel for this device. However, you can start by porting it yourself. It's easy, just follow the official guide.

    Here's the source code for the kernel if you're planning on using it on LineageOS:

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