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Thread: Airmon-ng Cannot Put wlan0 into Monitor Mode

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    Once I read somewhere that TP-LINK TL-WN722N V2 doesn't work with monitor mode, the problem is in the V2, that means it has a chipset that is not supported. Try to buy one that is V1 and will work fine!

    I don't know how to know if the device is V1 or V2 buy just looking at the box or something if you find that out please share!

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    Check out this post. It is stating V2 of the TP-LINK TL-WN722N is not supported / not working:

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    This V1/V2 problem seems to have a solution

    Go to this link and read the last entries!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tengoles View Post
    ... I don't know how to know if the device is V1 or V2...
    On the back of the device you should see a label with the TP-LINK logo. On that same label you will see to the bottom left S/N. moving to the right from there is a bar code with numbers under it (the serial numbers). At the end of those numbers you will see a "V" fallowed by number/s. For Example: [serial number] V1.1

    Can you type uname -a in terminal and post the output please.

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