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Thread: Net hunter upgrade

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    Net hunter upgrade

    I recently got my hands on a nexus 7 1st gen., running stock lollipop. I installed nethunter on it, and proceeded to apt-get upgrade. Sometime through the process I got a onscreen message that said libc6 was an older version and needed to be upgraded. It gave a message something like please apt-get install -f to fix broken dependencies. So I tried but that didn't work😔 Next I uninstalled libc6 and tried to reinstall it, still nothing. Anybody have a solution? Or a suggestion. Thanks.

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    This fixed the issue for me, may help for others:
    1. Uninstall nethunter chroot and completely uninstall nethunter
    2. Reinstall nethunter
    3. Change repo to:
    deb sana main non-free contrib
    and remove all other repo's
    4. apt-get update
    5. apt-get upgrade

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