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Thread: I do not have the sound after installing distribuition kali linux in Asus X58L

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    Quote Originally Posted by grid View Post
    Best place I can direct you is the man pages for systemctl. In short, the systemctl command allows you to control systemd and the service manager.

    How deep is your Linux knowledge? Since Kali is based off Debian, you can also refer to Debian documentation if you need more info.
    My knowledge of Linux is 0 absolute. So much so that I do not understand if Linux and Debian are the same thing? Or if Debian and Kali are Linux programs, but in that case if I installed Kali, how do I get out of them to see Linux?

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    If you don't have prior Linux experience, Kali may be very difficult for you to use. Not trying to scare you off, but a friendly warning

    Kali is based off the Debian Linux distribution, but highly modified for pen-test use. It has many of the Debian packages, as well as info security-specific stuff. So, when you use Kali, you are using a modified flavor of Debian Linux.

    I strongly urge you to check out and before going further. Those 2 resources will be invaluable for helping get you up to speed on Kali.

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    Hi i have a question did u manage to make a headset work? cause i can't

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