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Thread: Network Manager for Linux Android.

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    Network Manager for Linux Android.

    On my laptop I use Linux Debian Kail-Rolling for penetration testing.
    To spoof a Mac address I :
    Open Network Manager, edit connections,
    enter the client's MAC into the open “cloned address” box on my external wifi adapter card. Save, De-authenticate & Connect.

    I want to do some penetration testing with Kali Linux using my Android phone.
    My question is, does Network Manager using Linux Android app, have a “cloned address” box? Basically does the Linux PC & Android have similar GUI for Network Manager?

    If not can I clone the original MAC with the following commands to connect:
    sudo ifconfig eth0 down
    sudo ifconfig eth0 hw ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
    sudo ifconfig eth0 up


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    Not familiar with the network manager app on android, but those commands should work. If you've got Kali installed on your android phone, you could also use macchanger.

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