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Thread: Your experiance with AR9271 (no-name from AliExpress)

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    Your experiance with AR9271 (no-name from AliExpress)

    Considering the wast amount of experience that you guys have with different types of cards I was wondering if you had a chance to play with this one:
    I bought it because it's cheap and has a detachable antenna but I'm a bit disappointed with it's performance.
    With the txpower of 20db and a 5db antenna it has (+-5%) the same performance as my internal AR9485wb-eg with no antenna and txpower of 15db. Still I guess you can't expect much for that money.
    If you have some advice how to boost the reception (other than buying a new antenna) it would be appreciated.
    I've also managed to set the txpower to 30 (it goes on and off, don't know why, just goes back to 20db after some time or after a usb port change and then you can't set the power again without the reboot) but considering the layout of the PCB (you can see it in the pictures on the AliExpress page) I wonder if this has any meaning since nothing on the PCB suggests that it can output 1W (but I'm no expert).
    Thx in advance!

    P.S. Don't know if this the right subforum to post, if not please move it where it should be.

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    Looks like this is not such a popular card since there's more than a hundred views and no replies.
    Anyway, I bought this antenna to improve the performance of the card, but I don't see any improvements and it even looks that it performs worse than the original 5db one.
    I know that size matters and that reception angles shrink with the size of antenna but you would expect to get a bunch of more networks if you are on the top of a high building with a clear line of sight.
    Can this antenna simply be an overkill for a card like this one?
    What would be a way to check if the antenna is working properly (unfortunately I don't have a better wi-fi card to test it with).
    I could put it on my router and test the transmitting radius/cover area but that would still not answer why the reception sucks.

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    In my experience, the best wi-fi cards are 3 Alfa models: AWUS036H, AWUS036NEH, and AWUS051NH v.2

    I own all 3 and they all do monitor mode & packet well as having great power and range.

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