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Thread: Kali Linux fails to install on vdisk VM

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    Kali Linux fails to install on vdisk VM


    it says the disk is while, while its 30GB and empty before install

    With auto disk with lvm im getting the below partitions.. Seems odd to me

    EDIT: Just found out t hat the crypto volumes contains the lvm and the lvm volume contains the data and swap. It was just confusing cause when i look down to my hard disk, like tree, or filezilla its tree, android, all tree start at the root so the physical disk should be on top.
    Maybe you guys should think about it and change the way it looks by having the lvm volume beneath the /root of the disk itself...

    Anyway looks like when we create the partition manually the sizes are correct.
    I am Using unRAID as a hyper visor and the virtual disk size is 40.0 GB (42,949,672,960 bytes).
    When i let the installer partition automatically the sizes doesn't match up and in the log is every time says that the install failed,
    Sep 6 17:40:41 main-menu[774]: (process:13576): tar: write error: No space left on device

    But when we followed a video on YouTube.. it all made sense. We did the partition manually and it worked directly.

    There may be a bug in the installer which prevents us to auto create a full encryption disk with lvm.
    I am willing to test and provide you with logs or you can even TV in my pc to see how it run.

    Anyway,, I am in whatsoever and the install is completed now. Just wanted to share this information.
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    Appreciate posting the info & fix You may want to post this over at as well, to ensure the devs see it.

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    For sure dev will appreciate this.

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