Hi everyone, after a long break from using my laptop, i've bought a rPi3 model B.

I'm not familiar with those boards, so everything is just new for me.

I've had 2 difficult days trying to install kali on a micro sd (Sandisk extreme plus 32gb), i've read a lot og documents, tutorials and videos but nothing worked for me.

So now i will share how i did it so If someone else will have the same problem, it will be easier to do that.

First, i have used a MacBook Pro that i had. I had problems with DiskUtility for the Fat32 formatting, so i went with a terminal.

-In the terminal i wrote:

sudo diskutil eraseDisk FAT32 NAME MBRFormat /dev/disk2

(Where disk2 can be different from PC to PC, it's just the name of the source[card/USB/HD].)

ATTENTION: If you don't know the name of the microsd, then connect the microsd to your computer and in the terminal enter this:


Then take of the card from the PC and type in the terminal:


Then check which storage is not longer in the list and there you find which one was the microsd.

After have erased the card in FAT32, so with the first string that i wrote, you will need to install kali in the rPi3.

I used the image for rpi2/3 from kali.org.

You will need to extract the image because ITS compressed.

(Right click, then, extract and wait)

So go back to the terminal and type this:

cd desktop

(Or "cd" and location where the .img is)

Then type:

sudo dd if=kali-2017.01-rpi2.img of=/dev/disk2 bs=512k

(Where "kali-2017.01-rpi2.img" is just the name of the image file, don't worry about the rpi2 in the name, it works with rPi3 too. Then, "/dev/disk2" is just the path name of your microsd, so it could be different for you, you can check it by typing "df" like i wrote before)

After that, you can unmount the card and put it into the rPi3. Put the hdmi cable in the rpi, and the ac adapter.

When you see something on the screen, wire the mouse and keyboard too. (Mouse and keyboard later, so If they don't work with the pi, you will at least be able to see something on the monitor without no crash or something like that).

Before do anything, i updated My macbookpro with the latest Os.

Sorry for the grammatical errors!