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Thread: Can it be used for pen testing ALFA Network AWUS051NH V2 (Version 2)

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    Can it be used for pen testing ALFA Network AWUS051NH V2 (Version 2)

    Just wondering whether anyone can give a review about the wireless adapter ALFA Network AWUS051NH V2 (Version 2) and whether the chipset on it supports packet injection and use with the program wifite?

    Here's the link to it on amazon

    And the link on the alfa website


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    Yes, works great in the aircrack-ng suite and with kismet. Haven't used it with wifite, though. Does monitor mode & packet injection, and will also run up to 30 dBm. I like the fact that it will scan the 2.4 and 5 gHz ranges simultaneously

    Bear in mind that some have reported issues with the rt2800usb drivers not properly doing monitor mode and/or packet injection on the 4.12 kernel. However, running in the 4.11 kernel, all is well for me.

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