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Thread: Using all available space on USB

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    OH dear
    I wiggled it, I rubbed it, I even blew in to it and still I couldn't get it to work. So like an idiot, I decided to install Kali on the whole drive, well its just a second hand mini laptop after all.

    Any way I got over half way and the software demanded I plug in the original disc which was already running in the external DVD drive (the mini laptop doesn't have a DVD drive).

    After several tries I gave up and low and behold I can't run windows any more. It will still boot from my usb drive. So not all is lost.

    Any suggestions other than "bloody idiot" would be most helpful.

    Thanks a lot.

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    There was a typing mistake in your previous commands. You created a directory /mnt/my__usb and in your later commands you were typing the directory name as /mnt/my_usb which doesn't exist. You are typing incorrect name.

    Everything was going smooth then why did you delete the partition when you could have easily fixed your mistake?

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