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Thread: Problems after installing Kali

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    Problems after installing Kali

    Hi all, I have a problem. I have downloaded Kali from official site, 64 bit ISO, and also did make it bootable with Rufus on Apacer external hdd. I have install it on secondary HDD (WD), while on primary SSD (Patriot Spark) is installed Windows 10. After finishing installation, and rebooting, I am only getting to boot meny, to choose from which device I want to boot system, and I have 2 options, SSD and HDD. However, either option, after selectoion leads me to black screen that blinks (shuts on and off) 2 times, and then gets me back on boot meny. Can someone point me out what to do, or where to look? Laptop model is Lenovo V110-15IAP. Thank you ahead.

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    Did you make the boot USB using the DD option and not the ISO in Rufus ? The DD is the best option, I had problems locating hardware drivers when I used the ISO option.
    Can you boot back into Windows 10 still ?
    When you carried out the install did it auto-detect "Windows Vista" and ask whether you wanted to dual boot with it ? This part of the installation (Called GRUB) is what sets up your hard drive to dual boot correctly.

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