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Thread: Kali constantly hangs

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    Kali constantly hangs

    I have installed Kali 2017.2 32bit on about 8 year old 32bit Dell PC.

    As I'm working on it, editing files, running commands, etc., it will constantly
    hang about every minute or so. Nothing works - clicking mouse, moving windows
    typing in a command window. After a few seconds, it reverts to normal, then repeats.
    This is consistent.

    I then reinstalled, but this time 2017.1; same problem. Will try a 2016 version.

    But in the meantime, any ideas? I did read one comment about maybe an incorrect video setting but didn't
    go beyond that.

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    type dmesg in the terminal just after you have problems, anything in red ?

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    I'd also run top, and see if anything is consuming excessive resources

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    Rig overclocked and/or overheating?

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