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Thread: What is the best plug and play wireless card for reaver / bully?

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    What is the best plug and play wireless card for reaver / bully?

    I have the Alfa AWUS036NH and it does not work with reaver and bully.

    I was looking into TP-Link N150 but it is not plug and play you have to install drivers via the terminal.

    You guys know any good wireless cards that work out of the box?

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    I own 3 Alfa cards (AWUS036H, AWUS036NEH, AWUS051NH v.2), and they all work well with reaver and bully.

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    Old but still relevant:

    With Kali I'm using TP-Link WN722N V.1 and Alfa AWUS036NHA. Both working very well.

    For Nethunter I have a Panda Wireless PAU05 and some cheap small dongles from Aliexpress with RT5370-Chipset - all working fine. Unluckily some dealers offer RT5370 but deliver MT7601-Chipset which is useless for Kali.

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    TrendNet TEW-648UBM works in both monitor and injection modes with no user input required. Used a default install of Kali to capture the wifi password of my home network, making use of monitor and injection modes, worked first time.

    Range is crap, but I put it on an extender cable and made it a tinfoil hat for a 3db increase. Only $16 at Amazon.

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    hello, I recently bought AWUS036NH, plugged it in my Kali linux, no drivers needed, of the box start. works with Wifite, Fluxion, Reaver

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