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Thread: Wifi-pumpkin / Ghost Phisher dual wifi trouble.

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    Wifi-pumpkin / Ghost Phisher dual wifi trouble.


    Ive have been playing around with Kali and Linux for a while now, and i find it very interesting and funny and follow tutorials and find my own ways.

    But ive got a problem i cant realy figure out.

    Iam on Raspberry pi 3 with the modifed Kali arm image that enable mon mode on the intergrated wifi.

    Iam playing around with wifi-pumpkin ( same problem with ghost phisher)
    trying to be the middle man.

    I have two wifi´s
    The intergrated one Wlan1 ( connected to my home wifi )
    The usb-dongle one Wlan0 ( in mon mode )

    It seems like when i put the Wlan0 i mon mode, it disable all the wifi even the Wlan1 with the internet connection. So when i connect to the wifi-hotspot with my Iphone, i dont get any internet access.

    Iam just playing around with it at home with my own equipment.

    My goal is to share my internet connection on my Iphone to the Pi with the Kali, and then set up a hotspot and use my phone as the router.

    Iam sorry if this post is in the wrong section, i read the rules and i think this is right
    also i bit sorry for the half broken english.

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    To Robban98422

    The steps you used to place a device in monitor mode were not explained. Is there a chance you have evoked airmon-ng check kill.

    Use ifconfig and iwconfig to check the status of your devices after placing the device in monitor mode.

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    i have used airmon like this
    airmon-ng start wlan0

    I have also used the "Lazy" script by Aris to enable Wlan0mon

    I have checked both ifconfig and iwconfig, not sure about what iam supposed to look for there.

    on the Wlan1 that is connected to my wifi, have ip, and netmask ofc. the Wlan0 does not

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