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Thread: Network Manager not starting nor is it allowing internet access

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    Network Manager not starting nor is it allowing internet access

    -Wifi manager not showing up

    -Unable to connect to the internet on LAN even when I have an IP address

    -Network Manager is not Restarting or Starting can not tell because the only
    thing I have is a Proxy connection.

    -ifconfig is not taking down wlan0 and bring it back up, it just remains active
    with no ESSID.

    -iwconfig indicates there is a wlan0 but no card details for it.

    -ifconfig indicates all other connection devices are available

    I have tried to check dhclient but I am not getting nothing either. I believe
    this is a software issue since I have switched out my other hard drive on my
    labtop to my windows hard drive and I get connection on there but not with Kali.

    I have also went into recovery and still I have not found a solution.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    Unsure how to reproduce because it was working before now it isn't.

    I booted my Kali

    login and no wifi manager or able to connect to internet over LAN (direct

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    Anything useful in the output of dmesg, or in /var/log? I'd look for the latest entries in both, and see if the system is reporting errors.

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    Show the output of rfkill list all

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