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Thread: Kali Linux on Oracle VM Manager

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    Kali Linux on Oracle VM Manager

    Hello All,

    I tried installing kali-linux-2017.2-amd64.iso under Oracle VM Manager 3.4.2; the physical hardware is Dell R710. I downloaded the iso, verified its sha256sum. Assigned CPU, memory, disk to a VM under Oracle VM Manager and start the installation.

    I can see the initial installation screen (install-1.jpg), I tried using both "Graphical install" and "Install" option, both comes back with a screen that hung (hung-screen-2.jpg).

    When using the "Live" option on the ibstallation screen, the installation appears going through.

    Any idea what need to be done to try fixing this?

    Regards, amak
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    I had this problem when I tried installing on VirtualBox, I tried lot's of solutions, didn't work.
    I ended up downloading Kali Linux image for my VM in the Kali download page.

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