I am trying Kali, with persistence, on a Macbook air with spanish layout. I prefer the windows keyboard configuration, so I have successfully swaped ALT and Command(or Super) key with :

HTML Code:
setxkbmap -option altwin:swap_alt_win
(which I know I have to put, later, on a start script because it is not permanent, any tips on the best way to do this are also appreciated).

Nonetheless, I am struggling with 2 things:

1) I want to use the funcion keys normally (F1 to F12) like in windows. But none of the things I've tried worked.

2) In the terminal, because in the spanish layout we have many Symbols that are triggered with ALT+Number... like the | or the @, when I try to use those, I get the "args" function, that I don't find where to disable or REMAP to another key).

3) I am used to deleting the current written line in the terminal (before commit, of course) with ESC key. Is there any way to get this behaviour back?

Thanks for the help