After multiple installs on multiple systems & a plethora of research, I'm stumped? After installing Kali Linux 32 on a few different systems the first thing I wanted to do was create a "Non-Root", or "Standard User", account. So I went into terminal & have spent over six hours trying every configuration possible trying to add a new user account? All is apparently well until that is it's time to "Switch Users")-: In other words I can create the account in terminal by entering either "useradd", or "adduser", along with "Pwd", however when it comes time to "Switch Users", the operating system just seems to loop me back to root account? I have read numerous threads about this exact same issue on a myriad of different forum scattered across the net! If anyone has any ideas or has encounted the same issue here with a soloution that would be GREAT! I'm so desperate I was even willing to pay somone on who might have a soloution with respect to the afformentioned. Again for clarification purpouses this seems to be a problem for many Kali, users going back from it appears to 2013. Thanks in advance... your help is greatly appreciated!