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Thread: My custom bootanimation... (Not a Question)

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    My custom bootanimation... (Not a Question)

    My Samsung device doesn't support and got tired of looking at the Samsung loading animation, so i created my own, from the nethunter wallpaper. Here it is for everyone to look at.

    Thanks to the developers of Kali Nethunter and for all your support.
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    I think it looks great and I like it well done!

    Have you tried to impove it? Not really necessary haha, but if I was going to do it the way you did. Then I'd look at the dragon's eye, notice there is a red eye with red light streak on it. I'd make the light streak move maybe a little and add a bit more intense glow to the eye so it is more noticeable. So the dragon doesn't look so "blank" in the background of the animation!

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