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Thread: WPA2 Enterprise Wireless Authentication Using EAP-TLS (TLS)

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    WPA2 Enterprise Wireless Authentication Using EAP-TLS (TLS)


    I am trying to connect to a WPA2 Enterprise wireless network on kali linux using TLS authentication. I have downloaded the necessary certificates from my organization, and have them in three formats: 1) CER (.cer), 2) DER (.cer), and 3) PEM (.pem). When entering the credentials in order to connect, I select the certificates from a file, and also enter my username in the 'Identity' field, and my password in the 'User key password' field. However, the password field is highlighted in red, and it will not allow me to press the connect button. I am not super familiar with using SSL certificates to connect to wireless networks, so any help would be much appreciated. I am currently on the latest version of the Kali GNU/Linux Rolling release, and my wireless adapter is a TP-LINK TL-WN722N (I know for sure this adapter works on other networks). If any more information is needed to troubleshoot this problem, please let me know. Thanks!


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    I never used the network manager to connect to a wifi network but I assume it uses wpa_supplicant. There might be some logs from wpa_supplicant in /var/log and if not, then maybe in syslog.

    Another thing you can try is using wpa_supplicant configuration files so you can get the logs and see what is wrong. HostAPd mailing list is pretty active if googling the error doesn't show any result.

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