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Thread: Best install practices for Dual OS systems

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    Best install practices for Dual OS systems

    I currently have Kali installed alongside Windows 10 pro in dual boot through EFI.
    I have my Kali installed on sdb with Luks encryption over the entire drive.
    I have Windows installed on the sda disk which is a ssd disk.
    My original intent was to keep both kali and windows as separate as possible but through the initial installation process I was strongly encouraged to install grub on sda, which I did.

    My question is, would it be better to have grub installed on sdb, with Kali, in order to keep the entirety of the os in one disk encrypted disk that I can mount/unmount and choose to boot into or not.
    Is there any chance of issues such as malware, viruses, settings, etc in the OS crossing over or causing issues in both operating systems when I have this link connecting them?

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    By default kali installer creates EFI partition in your Hard drive and installs grub there. Once grub is installed, an entry of kali is generated in NVRAM boot menu options with a pointer which is pointing to the actual location of grub.

    It doesn't matter where you install grub. You can also install it in the EFI partition of your SSD where your Windows OS Manager is present. It works the same way as it is working now. You can boot kali from boot menu options.

    If Windows OS Manager has first boot priority, Windows 10 will boot first without loading grub.

    Malwares can still come regardless where your boot loaders are. The end security is governed by you. There are ransomwares which are capable of encrypting entire storages along with boot sector.
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    Thank you for the response and information.

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