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Thread: Dual boot Kali 2017.2 + Windows 10 - 2 Hard drives - UEFI

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    Dual boot Kali 2017.2 + Windows 10 - 2 Hard drives - UEFI

    Hi guys
    I would like to install Kali in dual boot, UEFI with W10.
    The issue being i have 2 HD. 1 SSD and 1 SATA
    My config :
    -1 SSD 128 GB hard drive. On which 3 partitions : 1 EFI partition, 1 Windows partition (the famous C, 1 for recovery
    -1 SATA 1 TB hard drive. Nothing on it. This is on this one i will install Kali on.

    I have in mind the following installation :
    On the SSD drive (which is SDA). I won't change anything
    On the sata drive (which is SDB) :
    1 partition for EFI booting : mounted :/boot and identified as EFI (and not ext4). With the flag "Bootable" set on ON.
    1 Swap partition identified as SWAP
    1 main partition identified as ext4.

    Then for GRUB location, i intend to declare it on SDB (where my Debian EFI and Kali partition will be).
    Am i correct ?
    Any conflict to have 2 EFI partitions ? (one on each HD).
    Tks for your answers.

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    There is no conflict. By default grub will be installed in EFI partition of /dev/sdb.

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