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Thread: Desktop no longer working after installing nvidia driver

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    Desktop no longer working after installing nvidia driver

    Hi there!

    Today I've tried installing a graphics driver for my Linux partition on my laptop.
    However none of the tutorials worked and now it just freezes instead of showing a login.
    (I did undo everything after I realized it doesn't work, before attempting the next tutorial)

    I can't reinstall Linux because I'd loose some of my important data and I don't have time for a backup either.

    My Linux Distro is Kali Linux 3.x (I think, I didn't memorize it and now I can't access it )

    I've tried using the recovery mode, but because of some bug, which keeps spamming device dumps on my screen it's almost unusable.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Edit: Nevermind it works now!
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