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Thread: Future of Nethunter

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    Future of Nethunter

    A picture is worth a thousand words..

    The nethunter project seems to be stale at the moment? Anyone have any comments on this? Will nethunter support Android O? Are there any offshoots of this project?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zitstif View Post
    A picture is worth a thousand words..
    Not in this case

    Last activity two month ago:

    Thanks to Binkybear I have Nethunter with Lineage Nougat on Nexus 5 with monitor mode on internal wifi. (I still can't use it with kismet but that's my fault.)

    Thanks to Phreya I have Nethunter with Lineage Nougat on OnePlus One.

    Is there desperate need for Android Oreo Versions of Nethunter? Sooner or later Binkybear or Phreya or someone else will provide them! Be patient.

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    Hey, everybody, I simply wonder on the off chance that anybody is as of now taking a shot at it.

    Kodi Lucky Patcher nox
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    The NetHunter community is busier than ever:

    What would you like us to take a shot at?

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