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Thread: GUI broken after installation of virtual box guest additions.

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    Unhappy GUI broken after installation of virtual box guest additions.


    I am having trouble installing guest additions on my Kali Linux running as a VM under virtual box.

    VirtualBox Version = OSX 5.2.0
    Kali 2017.2

    I have installed linux-headers and completely updated my system however when i install guest additions I reboot and it loads to a blank screen where I can only see the mouse. if I hit Ctrl+Alt+F6 I get a login prompt where I can log into console no issue and i can then uninstall guest additions and reboot and the GUI is back as expected.

    Please help me to understand what I am doing wrong.

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    If you can get to a console login, have a look at the output of dmesg, and in /var/log. Might be something there that will shed light onto what is happening.

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    Why don't you download the prebuilt VM?

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