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Thread: Looking for recommendations for good/best SBC plaform to use with Kali

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    Looking for recommendations for good/best SBC plaform to use with Kali

    I'm wanting to build up an SBC to run Kali.
    I'm not finding much info in the way of things like which SBC is good enough, fully supported, is overkill...things like this.

    My initial thoughts were either an ODROID-XU4, or bananapi.

    Really would like to get some thoughts on this. TIA!

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    Depending what your goal is. If cheap and readily available: Raspberry Pi.

    If want something good, anything ODROID (from what I've heard).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ck42 View Post
    I'm not finding much info in the way of things like which SBC is good enough, fully supported, is overkill...things like this.
    Good enough for what? Collecting data? All. Hashcat? None.

    I guess you know already that there is a page with Kali images für Arm devices:

    Raspberry Pi is widespread. Therefore the community-support is pretty good.

    I think best single-board computers are Smartphones, so I would recommend a OnePlus One Nethunter device. But I might be wrong.

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    Maybe not an Odroid

    I have been unable to get the Odroid C2 or C0 working with 2017.3 or 2018.1 except the basic install.
    You cant
    apt-get install kali-Linux-full
    without getting
    The following packages have unmet dependencies :
    kali-Linux-full: Depends: beef-xss but it is not going to be installed
    so the entire install fails. I love the last line it gives
    E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages
    I followed that back to be a problem with rubytracer - but can't get that set up to make beef-xss work - so no go.

    I also tried
    apt-get install kali-Linux-wireless
    to just get that metapackage same error.
    I also ran
    apt-get install --fix-missing
    apt autoremove apt clean - all that stuff in various orders

    all this after apt-get update then apt-get dist-upgrade being applied to the basic install.
    I have tried multiple times using an SD card, 2 different eMMC chips - all gparted to make sure there was sufficient space - even rebooted after EVERY step to see if that changed anything.

    I have the non ARM kali rolling 2018.1 image running perfectly in Virtual Box - so I have some clue as to what I am doing (though I apparently don't know enough, or these images are not right for the C0 (32 bit) or C2 (64bit) odroid - and the skinny ARM basic install only has a few tools making it pretty weak for onsite pen testing.

    So maybe the XU4 distro will work -

    but after failing to get a good install on either of these SBCs I don't think I am interested in wasting more time and money on a box that I have a low confidence factor in.

    The C0 and C2 series are 2 amp boards, the XU4 is a 4amp board so harder to power in the field... and beside being more difficult to find a 4 amp powerpack that isn't huge - it will drain pretty quickly - so may as well use a small laptop.
    I have blown maybe twenty hours on trying to get the full install - it was successful once - and I don't know why... I reinstalled doing the same thing after screwing up my adapter, and while the new basic install works right - still can't get that full install back - and nobody on the forum seems to have any clues that work.

    So I am not sure the Odroid C series is a good choice for your project.
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    I have 32 gb SSD and 500 GB HDD on and i3 3rd generation processor. How should I partiton to make optimum use of drives?

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