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    Hello all. First time poster and new user of Kali. I have heard great things about BackTrack and more recently Kali for quite some time, but always shied away due to being a die-hard Microsoft guy. More recently I have been getting interested in learning Linux to help me in my degree of cyber security. Sadly I have a long way to go, but I have to start sometime.

    To help me get exposure to Linux I replaced my OS on my laptop with Kali 2017.2. I am having some strange error messages, even though they don't seem to be affecting the operation. When I boot up I get the messages in the two screenshots I have attached. I know the IWLWIFI messages are for my wireless card. There used to be a lot more than the two that are seen in the picture, but I managed to fix those. I can't seem to get rid of these two. Also, the ACPI messages elude me as well. My Wifi card still works.

    Any thoughts or tips you have, I appreciate it.


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    iwlwifi is the package name of wifi driver for Intel Wireless Adapter. With each upgrade in kernel it, kernel looks for the latest change in the version of driver.

    If that version of driver is not available, it loads the earlier version and shows a message on boot. Just ignore it. Once iwlwifi is updated in the repository, it will be updated by sudo apt upgrade.

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    Welcome to Linux. You can safely ingnore that message as long as your wifi is working normally. You might want to check our free Kali Linux training resources at Good luck!
    Want to learn to use the Kali Linux operating system? Check out the free Kali book and course at [url][/url]

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    Thank you both for your input and I will certainly check out those resources you mentioned Muts.

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