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Thread: No Bootable device issue after Installing Kali Linux - Acer Aspire ES1-533

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    Reinstaled with full HDD, but no hop..... everything as same before.... I think Kali linux is not supporting Acer.....

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    This is the problem with your non-updated UEFI firmware then. Kali installer always installs grub in the EFI partition of HDD and creates a entry of bootloader in the NVRAM. UEFI is responsible for keeping that entry in its NVRAM. The current version of Insyde UEFI firmware is F.22 and I just updated the firmware yesterday.

    What if you try to install ubuntu and windows 10? Will they going to end up like this? The more you experiment, the more you learn. I highly recommend updating your firmware. There were some known vulnerabilities in Intel firmware which were fixed in later version. Those vulnerabilities allow attackers to inject bootkit in your firmware.

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