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Thread: Agony of wlan0 in Kali Linux inside a VM

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    Agony of wlan0 in Kali Linux inside a VM

    Anybody able to give me a hint why a TP-LINK TL-WN722N is not showing up as wlan0
    when Kali is running inside VMWare?

    I explained everything in detail with pictures here:

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    Next time, put it all in here.

    You need to tell vmware to attach the card to the virtual machine. It's somewhere in the VM menu, under removable devices.

    FYI, v2 is a piece of junk for now.

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    Seems you didnt read what I wrote, otherwise you wouldn't tell to attach it "somewhere in the VM menu"...
    (and multiple pages with screenshots would be a bit too much to put it in here)

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