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Thread: Kali Linux Wifi Really Slow. RTL8812ae

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    Kali Linux Wifi Really Slow. RTL8812ae

    Im on Kali Linux 17.2; I have been trying for days to get my wifi working properly but to no avail its not working.
    I have tried changing DNS's and the Repo file(which I screwed up, might need help with that).

    I have a D-Link DWA-582 Wireless AC1200 Dual Band PCI Express Adapter. And it works fine on windows. I would like to not have to buy a new adapter so any suggestions?

    I think it may have to do with the RTL Drivers. I have tried installing them but cannot figure it out. To go into more detail about what the issue I am having is; That its connecting to the internet but the speed is just so **** slow. Ive tried the 5ghz band and the 2.4ghz but they yeild the same results. The chipset is RTL8812ae (I think).

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    If the driver you mention is correct, just remember that the driver is not in the kernel yet, so still a work in progress.

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