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Thread: VMware Image v2017.3 SHA256Sum Mismatch

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    Question VMware Image v2017.3 SHA256Sum Mismatch

    Good morning all,

    I'm trying to download and install the 64bit version of the VMware image for Kali version 2017.3. The image says the size is 2.7G and has the hash sum of: 9d4bf55033f6338259d164ae0c44af26c49b3d1bcf5741a077 2041d91dc48ae3

    When I follow the download link though the .ova is ~3.3G and the sum is obviously completely different: 79A2C7394469F8CE03F57CD5C7A59B60C45DDB721B8510A43D 18F35C75BFF4DA

    I searched around a bit and didn't find anything about this discrepancy. Am I missing something? Is anyone else encountering this?

    Link to page with downloads:


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    It's actually 3.3GB. I checked it. If you are worried about tampered image, use the torrent link. It automatically verifies the hash.

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