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Thread: Error in BOOT/BCD after I installed Kali Linux alongside with Windows 10

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    Unhappy Error in BOOT/BCD after I installed Kali Linux alongside with Windows 10

    I am new to Linux. I tried it and I loved it so I decided to install one.

    I went for Kali Linux. I installed it as per the installation guide described in almost every other installation guide.

    So When I finished, I started my PC and then this message appeared on windows screen.

    "Your PC ran into a problem" I tried to restart, reset and everything I could do but nothing work.

    I also tried to fix Booting with BOOTREC/Fix Boot, DISKPART , but this resulted in errors as well.

    Major problem is that, no repairing option is reading my Hard Drive. Below is the errors of the commands, I tried.

    bootrec /scanos Total Identified Windows Installation : 0

    bootrec /fixboot this volume does not contain a recognized file system.

    When I tried to install another windows from the CD, the list of drives did not appear in the list.

    I have tried different methods, but this is not working.

    If you guys know any solution, please let me know.

    FYI, Neither Kali nor Windows worked fine after the Kali Linux Installation.

    my pc is hp pavilian g6
    RAM 8GB


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    You messed up with Boot Configuration Data of Windows 10. You have to reinstall your Windows 10.

    You can still boot kali from boot menu options.

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    I have tried both medthods!
    while installing windows, my drives are not visible!
    system us not reading my drives so I can not Install or repair my windows!

    if you have any other solution.Let me know

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    Delete the Windows partition and make it unallocated. Then it will be come up in the installer.

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    how do I delete this partition? I mean any specific tool.

    I have tried diskpart and bootrec on windows, it did not work!

    Can I make things good with Gparted?

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    Boot into kali live and use Gparted.

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