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Thread: Problem with installing kali linux along Windows 10 in UEFI

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    Problem with installing kali linux along Windows 10 in UEFI

    Hello everybody,

    For several days now i'm trying to install kali linux along with windows 10 in order to have a dual boot ready.
    However, whenever i reach in the point to install grub in the installation of kali, i do not get to pick where i want grub to be installed with the result of not being able to double boot.
    In the boot order in BIOS, i get only the result of OS Boot Manager.

    I've tried several fixes in various websites but none of them seem to work. In windows 10 i found an option to choose another operating system except windows but the options were Debian/Linux Install, even when i select to boot on this the only thing i get is an error saying Windows was unable to boot (lol)

    I also have tried in installing GRUB in the EFI Parition that fdisk -l shows but with no result, i'm starting at getting really frustrated but i do not wanna give up since i really wanna start using Kali.

    Please enlightmen me

    Thanks in advance

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