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    Well played

    I really had no idea there was going to be anything past BT5 R3 as the news and chatter kept fading away and then this comes out of nowhere. Well played, well played trolls!

    Tonight is the first chance I've had to spend over an hour with it and I like what I'm experiecning. I put it on one of my laptops that had BT5 R3 on it and notice it's much snappier. It also looks a lot cleaner, more organized, etc. etc. I can't comment on any of the real content (pentest tools) compared to BT5 but I don't see anything gone that I was using regularly.

    I noticed a lot of little things that changed which makes me think you put quite bit of effort into improving the appearance, usability, etc. and didn't get stuck banging your head the entire time in pentest land.

    Two quick examples:

    1) Off the top of my head I don't recall there being any application shortcuts installed on any panels in in BT5.
    With Kali, there are shortcuts to Terminal and Iceweasel placed on the top panel. I'm sure those are the first 2 icons **** near every BT user moved to the panel after installation.

    2) VLC is is pre-installed. I appreciate that BT hasn't bloated up over the years with browsers, torrent clients, IRC clients, etc. etc, however, I give not a **** that VLC is on this. I have no evidene to back this up but I would imagine VLC was one of the first one or two packages people installed after installation with BT as well. We carry our laptops with us wherever we are so let's just accept the point that everyone is going to install VLC to pass time.

    I have nothing else to bring up at this time. I just wanted to post and say thank you and let you know it looks mighty nice!
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