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Thread: Installation succesful and then it freezes in Google logo... HELP!!

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    Installation succesful and then it freezes in Google logo... HELP!!


    I am installing nethunter on a Nexus 7 2013. I was able to install the ROM and after rebooting it freezes in the Google logo. I am able to access TWRP and bootloader. Here are pictures of the steps I did.. I need your assistance, I don't know what I'm doing wrong.. Thank you..






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    It looks like you have some how deleted your android system fron your device.
    you will have to download the fwctory image, and reinstall it to your device.
    This can be done with Nexus Roottoolkit this would be the best option.
    Make sure to follow the onscreen ibstructions. Also to have a strong internet connection. I dont own a nexus 7 2nd gen only firstgen. so i couldnt help u identify your devive. Let me look on onternet
    Nexus 7 2nd gen 2013
    (aka Razor running jellybean 4.3)
    The fastboot mode may help to identify more.

    the specs for your model may differ. Once the image is downloaded you can reinstall to device.Easy peazy. I done it to unbrick a crapped out nexus 7 1st gen i got off ebay. Done is done!

    Asfor instal nethunter seems all steps look good up to last two dont know about wipe cache and delvic. Last one was how I know u wiped you devices rom away.

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