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Thread: Having trouble installing Firefox on NetHunter - Any help would be appreciated.

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    Having trouble installing Firefox on NetHunter - Any help would be appreciated.


    I flashed a recent nightly build of LineagOS 14.1 (11132017 bacon) + Nethunter (Kali Linux Rolling 3.4.113-lighting-kernel -vv38 ARMV7l). Connect using VNC server After successful install/configure (Full-Kali-Linux build) went to launched Web Browser.
    Web Browser Message “ Alert! Unable to connect to remote Host”

    Searched installed apps, no Web Browser installed.
    Install firefox Iceweasel, received message”ument dependencies Depends firefox-esr broken packages”
    Install Firefox-esr received message”ument dependencies Depends libhunspell-1.3.0, libjsoncpp0 broken packages”.

    Tried apt-get update –fix-missing.
    Went to Synaptic packages to install, getting the same results.
    So I have no Web browser available.

    Are there libhunspell-1.3.0, libjsoncpp0 packages in another repo to replace these broken versions?
    Is there an alternate Firefox package (ARM/AMRHF) supporting Android NetHunter I can install?
    I read Distro “Debian Jessie” has Iceweasel Firefox, Is this a good option?

    Have only used Linux for 3 months, so excuse my newbie questions.

    deb kali-rolling main contrib non-free
    # For source package access, uncomment the following line
    # deb-src kali-rolling main contrib non-free
    deb wheezy/updates main

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    This is the OP.
    Couldn't fix the firefox libhunspell-1.3.0, libjsoncpp0 broken packages.
    Ended up getting Firefox-Esr v52 from Debian jessie repo.
    1. Added line "deb jessie/updates main" in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/.
    2. $ apt-get update
    3. $ apt-get install firefox-esr.

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