Hello there,

When I had Kali Linux 2016.1 installed, I had configured it so that I could switch between two different keyboard layouts (US international with dead keys and Russian) with just one key (Pause). The process was very easy. It was just typing, pressing Pause and continue typing. Very handy.

With the build of Kali Linux I am currently using, 2017.3, whenever I press Pause to switch keyboard layouts, I have to watch two seconds at two blocks (one block with the text "en" and the other with "ru") before I can start typing. I can't start typing while this screen is on, and when I try, no text is appearing and the screen is only being displayed longer until I stop typing (+2 seconds, of course). I really need to quit typing for two whole seconds in order for the two blocks to disappear and the keyboard layout switch to complete. This is very frustrating when I need to switch keyboard layouts very quickly to be able to type a word in Cyrillic letters. I don't want to wait 2 seconds, type the word I wanted in Cyrillic and then wait another 2 seconds to be able to type in Latin letters again. I am used to do this very quickly, and I could with Kali Linux 2016.1. This build forces me to lose time every time I need to switch keyboard layouts.

First of all, why have you implemented his forced two second delay? It's a regression and I don't see how this could be an improvement in any way.

Second, how do I fix this? What do I need to configure to that I don't have to wait 2 seconds each time I want to switch keyboard layouts?

Also, how can I configure Kali so that it doesn't show me those blocks each time I switch keyboard layouts. I don't want to see those blocks with "en" and "ru" at all. 2016.1 didn't show me those blocks, but 2017.3 does.

I want to be able to switch keyboard layouts with nothing popping up on the screen and without any delay.

How do I do that?