I've been experiencing issues with installing Kali 2017.3 (64bit) dual boot with windows 10. My partition for kali 500Gb and 500Gb for window. a few weeks ago I successfully installed kali and skipped any non-free firmware to later use apt-get commands. whilst i was using apt-get dist-upgrade && apt-get update my kali crashed after installing various updates/upgrades and I couldn't launch it from my BIOS again so i formatted the partition and tried to reinstall it. when reinstalling kali 2017.3 i was missing the same firmware (various iwlwifi-8265 drivers) so i skipped but then when i try to boot kali it keeps looking for wireless drivers. I've searched for the drivers online and only a few of them are available. so now I'm stuck and kali wont boot at all. I've search for a solution for a month now and found no one with the same problem online. any solution I have tried hasn't worked.

if anyone knows a solution or might know the problem please try and contact me as I've been working a while on this. I could get images of the exact problems if you need them.

intel processor btw

thank you for taking your time to read this or help