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Thread: (Haiworld) LCD TFT Rpi3 drivers for kali?

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    (Haiworld) LCD TFT Rpi3 drivers for kali?

    Hi, i have just bought from haiworld store on amazon a '3,5 touchscreen

    type: TFT
    Interface: SPI

    on the back of the lcd there is nothing write except :

    3,5inch RPi Display
    480x320 Pixel
    xpt2046 Touch Controller

    The link from the seller offered a raspian driver version only, but i need kali for my university project

    I read a lot of thread about ppl asking for drivers, tried some guide, downloaded 2 differents customized distro including tft lcd drivers, but seems nothing is working, white screen, can anyone help me please?

    Some answers would help me too

    1- Should i search drivers for tft type ?

    2-Should i find something related with haiwolrd seller or any ftf driver should work?

    3-What is the correct procedure? (maybe is just my fault)

    I have to complete my project in 2 weeks so would help a fix for my problem, i can send the lcd back but i will lose a lot of time

    Thx for the answers!

    Edit: any advice about a non expensive 3,5inch lcd 100% working with kali linux is apreciated
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    Hi Hexe,

    Did they provide you with a link to their drivers? I wouldn't mind having a look at them.

    Many thanks

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    I think is just a rasbian img with drivers included!eVVkQTaB!TwHa3d9hg42ZfdFuisrQTQ

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    ^^ Did you already try re4son's Sticky Fingers?

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    yes actually i m using it (I apreciate his wole work!), with ssh in remote it s working but the screen is still white

    But i will try another Sticky Fingers installation asap today, following step by step to be sure is not my fault
    (but what of the re4son's screen list should i pick to set up the lcd? adafruit waveshare etc etc)
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    Ok the solution was easy, my lcd is a waveshare 3.5 clone so the setup worked with the 'wave35c' (./re4son-pi-tft-setup -t wave35c -d /home/pi )

    Thx both of you! (Great job re4son!)

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