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Thread: msfconsole error Could not find rake-12.3.0

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    msfconsole error Could not find rake-12.3.0

    Kali rolling based on Kali 2017.3 on a Pi 3 that's been working and stopped after updating today. Tried removing metasploit and reinstalling it, same error:

    root@pi2222:/home/support# msfconsole
    Could not find rake-12.3.0 in any of the sources
    Run `bundle install` to install missing gems.

    Is this an arm specific package issue or more general across Kali?

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    Definitely not normal.
    I've just grabbed a new image, ran a full-upgrade and started msfconsole without a hitch.

    Have there been any errors during your apt upgrade?
    I'd just give it a day and try another upgrade. Probably just a glitch in the matrix ;-)
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    i do not understand what you want to say
    but if error on metasploit
    and still need it ,try downgrade metasploit or 2017.3 to 2017.2 using
    "sudo dpkg --configure -a"
    or not want to do this try
    "apt-get install metasploit"
    not work try
    "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade"
    then try to
    "apt-get install metasploit"
    hope work

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