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Thread: Installation Kali on existing LVM with LUKS

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    Installation Kali on existing LVM with LUKS

    Hi, everyone!

    I'm trying to install Kali Linux on the existing LVM inside LUKS container following this guide
    I've already set up 3 boot partitions for 3 Linux distributions, created LUKS container with LVMs for root directories for these OS and installed Linux Mint without any problems. But I've stuck with Kali.
    I need to open my LUKS container before starting Kali installation and configure it after finishing but before system reboot. The easiest way to do it is the live session installation, but it is unavailable in the last version Kali... I was unable to find "Install Kali" application. May be I do something wrong?
    I've also tried to use graphical installer from the live usb boot menu and tried to use it's shell to open my LUKS container. But the installer shell has poor functionality and does not support cryptsetup...
    So is there any other way to do what I want?

    Any help will be very appreciated!

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    there's this article regarding that, but it's for cryptsetup-1.6.1 not 1.7.5 version of cryptsetup. i'm also having an issue when patching the 1.7.5 to add LuksAddNuke feature to cryptstup since in kali rolling 2017.3 the cryptsetup version is different than provided in github.

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